XL Pedestrian Reinforce Barrier

XL Double Barrier-3

Pedestrian Barrier is a new protection system specific for the protection of pedestrians and resistant to trolleys movements with different load types. It can installed in anywhere you want to protect pedestrians. They are made of flexible age resistant polyurethane foam UV resistant colours. We design this product by following an innovative technical design. They are available in different lengths. Unlike with most warehouse safety, pedestrian barrier s to protect the safety of warehouseman. It creates safe areas for warehousemans to avoid the damage from trucks and forklifts.
1. Effectively reducing the possible harm of warehouse operation to the staff.
2. Durable, high quality assurance.
3. The color is bright, with a certain warning.

Model No Length Width Height Weight
VN-GR-1-100*150 1500mm 250mm 1000mm 35kg