Medium PU Wheel Chock


Medium PU Wheel Chock are used for wedging and blocking tries to restrict movement of the wheel while vehicle is being loaded. They are well suited for trailer trucks and other heavy equipment. They are also widely used in parking lot to protect the corners of the wall and the cars. Wheel chock all fix the position accurately, easy installation and it is durable. Our wheel chock has several materials. It can be made of PU, Plastic, Rubber and steel. Every material has its unique features. Rubber is cheap, it can be used in -45℃-60℃,PU has high wear resistance, Plastic is light.
1、Weather-resistant, Resistant to fuels, and solvent.
2、Fix the position accurately, easy installation

Model Length Width Height Weight
DH-PUWC-2 215mm 203mm 200mm 2.27kg